Jay St Collective Booth

Bonafide Macramé Artist

I’m doing art fulltime! I decided while I was finishing my bachelors degree in Syracuse at ESF, I would pursue being a macramé artist as my full-time gig. I’ve never had my own business and honestly I’m not sure that I’ve ever really wanted to. I tend to shy away from real responsibilities. Those that know me will be surprised by that but in all actuality I’m terrified of screwing this up. To help with not taking on too much at once, I’m taking this very slow. I’m not doing anymore markets at the moment and I’m focusing just on three selling avenues.

The first being my booth at Jay St Collective in Schenectady. Jay St is a brick and mortar shop that features many local artist. There is everything from wood workers, quilter, to macramé artist (me). I feel special just to be apart of something with so many talented artist.

The second method I’m focusing on is my website shop. Getting good photos of products has been my biggest challenge so far. But now that I’ve cracked the code on photography (but not really), I’m making so much more headway. Another challenge has been general workflow. There’s always so much to do all the time. I’ve quickly learned that I can’t and shouldn’t try to do it all at once. And as a person with (severe) ADHD, prioritizing does not come naturally to me. Nonetheless, I’m figuring it out and will be slowly adding items to my shop all week.

My final get rich quick scheme is to start selling on Amazon Handmade. I’m only going to sell two items: my Macramé Air Plant Holders and my Macramé Pocket Plant Hangers. This way I don’t too overwhelmed. The cool thing is that I’m going to do fulfilment by Amazon so that buyers get Prime shipping and I don’t have to send out each item myself. This will save me a ton of time. And let me tell you, there is never enough time when you’re a college student.

Some photos from my booth at Jay St Collective

Most of all, I’m excited about this new season and super excited about my new venture. So much newness is happening all at once. I’m moving to a new city, starting a new school, and starting a new business.

On a separate note, this blog was supposed to be in part about environmental issues and macramé has taken over lately. I’ll be writing some new blog post soon so stay tuned.

Ta Ta for Now!

Tati 🙂